About G2G

Assisting globally-oriented enterprises with international expansion opportunities

About G2G

Doing business in a foreign country can be a daunting prospect for many companies, particularly small to medium enterprises who may not have the resources to successfully navigate the political, economic, regulatory and cross-cultural communication obstacles involved. Due to these complexities, many global expansion opportunities go unrealized.

The Gateway to Global, or G2G, concept was born out of the desire to help companies achieve the benefits of international trade and business and take advantage of growth opportunities in international markets.

G2G Americas: North America, Latin America and the Caribbean

G2G Americas, LLC is a business consulting firm specializing in international trade, investment and finance in North America, Latin America, (including Central America and South America) and the Caribbean. We have a comprehensive network of partners in the region, along with vast knowledge of the local markets, which enables us to help companies expand their operations globally while minimizing the risks and costs involved in the process.

We offer our international business consulting services to two types of clientele:

  • Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in search of new customers and international markets
  • Large multinational companies requiring support in international markets in which their product or service is not yet represented

At G2G Americas, our primary focus is helping globally-oriented enterprises in the U.S. discover international expansion and business development opportunities in the Caribbean and Latin America. Based on our clients’ needs and our network of business partners, we identify opportunities to create long-term partnerships that mitigate the risk of entering these global markets.

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